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Embarcadero is an exclusive ocean front Caribbean condominium modeled after the worlds most successful ocean front developments and provides the foundation for care free living in the tropics. Located on the Caribbean coast of Panama (Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro), Embarcadero is comprised of 22 luxury condominiums all featuring generous balconies, contemporary amenities, luxury interiors, restaurant, and dock on the ocean front (last phase). The building is designed with 22 condominiums on the 3 upper floors, and 11 commercial units on the ground floor.

Property Titles:

Embarcadero has clear Title that is fully insured, and each of our condominiums over the titled area also has clear title. The condos over the concession area will be issued fractional ownership in the corporation holding the concession. Moreover, Panamanian law guarantees home owner rights even for non citizens or non residents. While other Latin American real estate markets such as Mexico, are considered risky, Panama offers investors the comfort of purchasing property and being assured that their investment is totally safe and insured.

The Condominiums:

Our condominiums were carefully designed to provide our customers with cross ventilation, comfort, durability, style and incredible views. Most of the condominiums have an incredible view of the ocean. Embarcadero offers one and two bedroom condominiums, and we are flexible in pre-construction stages to modify the units interiors to your preferences.

24 Hour Security:

Although Panama is very safe, and Bocas del Toro is a quaint, friendly island community, we value the peace of mind in having 24 hour security. Embarcadero offers 24 hour security provided by our property managements’ professional staff. While other Latin American countries such as Costa Rica have major crime problems, Panama is one of the most visitor friendly countries, having the highest rating of tourist safety from the prestigious Pinkerton Intelligence Agency. In addition, as noted in the newsletter of the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) Panama has a first-world infrastructure of roads, business services, medical care and telecommunications.


You will enjoy all of the amenities you dream of in this tropical paradise with many benefits you won’t find anywhere on the island.

-Back-Up Electric Generator

Although the island of Isla Colon at Bocas del Toro offers reliable electricity, we decided to go above and beyond to offer our customers the extra comfort and security of having a back-up electric generator that automatically provides back-up electricity to all of the common areas in the building.


When planning this exclusive ocean front condominium development, we decided to make it convenient for those in upper floors to reach their condominiums. Embarcadero is designed with an elevator in the reception area. The elevator will be maintained under contract with the elevator manufacturer and our property management company, which is all inclusive in the monthly maintenance fees of each condominium.

Construction Materials:

Our goal is to provide our customers with top quality luxury condos on one of the worlds most beautiful islands. To meet our exceedingly high quality standards, we have selected top quality construction materials specifically designed for the Caribbean tropics to enhance durability, reduce heat, and provide for an overall comfortable and luxurious look and feel.