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Embarcadero is located on the ocean at the beautiful Caribbean Island called Isla Colon, in Bocas del Toro, Republic of Panama. We carefully selected this prime Caribbean island location for the following reasons;

- On the Ocean: The main reason we selected this property is because it has one of the most beautiful ocean views on the island. Embarcadero is right on the pristine Caribbean ocean with crystal clear water that is calm enough for a baby to waddle around in with a floating device. We will also have a nice dock for boats to pull up to the building.

- In Town: The lights from Carenero, Solarte, and Bastimentos Islands light up the bay, providing a spectacular night view across the bay for Embarcadero residents and guests. Embarcadero is in the main town of Bocas del Toro, providing easy access to the local island supermarkets, stores, restaurants, hardware stores, internet cafés, bars, airport, boat services, tour services, etc.

- Panama is close to the USA: Panama is as little as a 2 and ½ hour plane ride away from the USA. Seven major US cities offer direct daily flights to Panama City from Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Newark. Bocas del Toro is just a 1 hour flight from Panama City (flights depart from Albrook Airport in Panama City). See local charter airlines at www.aeroperlas.com or www.mapiex.com.

- Titled Property: Embarcadero offers clear Titled Property, and fully insured, so buyers with condos over the title will receive titled condos, and buyers with condos outside the title (on the concession area) will receive fractional ownership of the corporation holding the concession.

- Utilities: Embarcadero is in the main town of Bocas del Toro with all of the utilities that you would traditionally find at any first class condominium development in North America.

·Electricity: Electricity is provided by the international utility company called Edemet Edechi (Union Fenosa). The cost is $0.12 per KWH, and billing is monthly.

·Water: Water provided by the government utility entity called IDAAN. The cost is a flat $7 per month to all homes or condos on Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro.

·Telephone Service: Telephone service is provided by the international telecommunications company called Cable & Wireless (Based in the UK). The cost depends on what "calling plan" you prefer. The plans start at $5 per month up to $30 per month for unlimited local calls. Long distance calling is additional, yet affordable. Most calls to North America cost around US$0.10 per minute. Please note that there are also optional internet to phone services that enable one to use the internet for international calls at much lower rates, through services such as Vonage, Net-2-Phone, or Skype.

·Dial-Up Internet Service: Internet dial up service is provided by Cable & Wireless. Dial up modem has a 56K connection speed and costs only about $12 per month for unlimited usage.

·Broadband Wireless Internet Service: Wireless broadband Internet service is provided by several different companies including Cable & Wireless, “Broadband” and others. The connection speed is unlimited. The cost per month starts at around US$50 and up, depending on the connection speed that you choose.

·Television Service: Television service is provided by the international satellite television company called Direct TV. All of the same television channels are available that you would traditionally get in any major US city. The cost is approximately US$60 per month.

·Mobile Telecommunications Service: Cellular (mobile) phone services are readily available in the Bocas del Toro island archipelago and are provided by Cable & Wireless and BellSouth, with the option of either pre-paid phone cards (as low as $3) or a monthly plan (starting at $20 per month) contract.

- Close to Surf: Embarcadero is only a 2 minute boat ride from world famous surfing beaches such as Carenero point reef break, and a short drive or boat ride to other spots on Isla Colon such as Paunch, Dumpers, the Curve, or Bluff Beach.

- Excellent Diving: Embarcadero is just a 2 minute boat ride away from incredible diving spots, where you can be swimming alongside of a school of dolphin or checking out the colorful reefs and underwater sea life. In fact, schools dolphins are often spotted right off the edge of the Embarcadero site!